Let's get the band back together
On 14th November, the one and only Róisín Murphy brings her band back together for a one-night-only music performance, revealing songs from her latest album, Róisín Machine. 
Watch the Live Performance on MixCloud. Saturday 14th November 2020. 
9pm AEDT ( Sydney), 9pm GMT (London), 10pm EST (New York).

        LIVE PERFORMANCE CreditS​​​​​​​

Róisín Murphy Band
Singer : Róisín Murphy
Musical Director : Eddie Stevens
Guitar : Jamie McCredie
Bass : Kevin Toublant
Drums : Jem Doulton
Dancer : Lindy Nsingo

Live Band Crew
Manager : Rhianna Kenny
Tour Manager & FOH : Rick Pope
PA / Wardrobe : Simon Phillips
Monitor Engineer : Paul Keeble
Backline : Glynn Barnes, Leslie Forde
Radio Tech : Luke Cohen

Live Film Crew
Production co : Squire Studio
Executive Producer : Phil Tidy
Producer Assistant : Emma Giacalone
Director : Róisín Murphy
Lighting Director : Tom Schofield
Technical Director / Editor : Benny Trickett
Photographer : Jay Creagh
Styling : Róisín Murphy

PRG Video Team
TV and Film Manager PRG : Ian Jones
Director of Events : John Montague
Video HOP : Nathan Avery
LED 1 : Russ Harris
Led 2/ Camera : Tom Prew
Led 3/Camera : Rich Menday
Camera Engineer : Alex Mulrenan
Cam Op1 : Luke Butler
Cam Op2 : Chris Johnson
Jib Op : Arun Taylor
Jib Assistant : Joe McNally

PRG Lighting Team
Lighting Op : Ben Hornshaw
Lighting HOD : Luke Jackson
Lighting Tech 1 / Follow Spot : Simon Port
Lighting Tech 2 / Follow Spot : Harvey Fitzpatrick
Lighting Tech 3 / Follow Spot : Rachel Smyth
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