A Toast to collective excellence
Since 1724, Rémy Martin has been shaped by the talents of their own diverse team in Cognac, France. Through the years, Rémy Martin maîtres de chai, distillers and winemakers have used their passion to collectively produce a superior cognac—crafted using a double distillation process from the finest grapes in the region.
To honor their brand’s heritage and spirit of teaming up for excellence, Rémy Martin hosted celebrations in Versailles and Cognac with 100 guests who represent the pinnacle of success, including Anthony Cenname, publisher of WSJ. Magazine, and Victor Cruz, former professional football player. On paper, the two may not have much more in common, but they in fact share similar philosophies on success and what it means to build the right team.
        Film CreditS​​​​​​​

Production co : Squire Studio
Producer : Phil Tidy / Jay Creagh / Emma Giacalone
Director : Deane Thrussell
1st AC : Ben Worthington
Sound Recordist : Joe Harris
Stylist : Sarah-Ann Murray
MUA : Margot Priolet
Talents : Anthony Cenname / Victor Cruz / Baptiste Loiseau
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