Mini + Lakena = Big Love
"Lakwena, 36, has redesigned a classic Mini (built in 1986 and specially selected by MINI according to Lakwena’s year of birth) to create an electrifying new work of art. And it’s not only visually impressive. Lakwena’s Mini is an ambassador for the MINI Recharged project, where we convert classic Minis into modern-day electric ones – sustainable upcycling, you could say. We interviewed Lakwena to learn more about her story, her work and the inspiration behind her magnificent Mini."
Producer (Germany) : Julian Stiller
Producer (UK) : Phil Tidy
Photographer : Dan Wilton
Editor/Writer : Reinhard Keck
DOP : Jay Creagh
Cam Op : James Medcraft
Gaffer : Kevin Gardner
Electrician : John Wenman
Electrician : Kevin Noble
Electrician : Tommy Gardner
Sound : Paul Hellard
Cam Assistant : Lewis Watts
Cam Assistant : Emma Giacalone
Make Up : Anya McDevitt
Locations : Joel Levack
Artist : Lakwena Maciver
Artist PA : Victoria Ohuruogu

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