Meet Henriette
101 yet youthful mind, accepted to tell us her story and how she’s been working all her life -and still is- doing what she loves the most, photography. It’s been 50 years now that Henriette lives in Bagnères-de-Luchon in the French Pyrénées, nearby the Spanish border. A peaceful and sun bathed village that she’s proud to call home more than anywhere else. She confessed to us her one and only regret ; her full commitment running her own camera shop might have kept her away from traveling and exploring abroad. Our crew took her to the place that we think is going to be part of a huge change in how people are traveling ; the Hyperloop TT aerodrome, in Toulouse.​​​​​​​
        Film CreditS​​​​​​​
Production co : Squire Studio
Producer : Phil Tidy / Emma Giacalone
Executive Producer : Phil McCluney
Director : Micky Coyne / Pete Harvey
DoP : Alister Little
Focus Puller : Michael Hannides
2nd AC / DIT : Jay Creagh
Drone : Devisubox
Talent : Henriette Ardouin
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